KOAN Sound - Sly Fox

Groovy and smooth, kind of jazzy. This is some quality glitch hop by KOAN Sound....a minute into the song comes the eargasm.

AlunaGeorge - Your Drums, Your Love ( Prototype Remix )

Gotta love The Prototypes. Some awesome drum and bass with a beautiful breakbeat bass drop.

Our New Fave UK Producer : SnuFF

Straight out of the UK today we bring you some high quality bass music from an up and coming producer by the name of SnuFF. His unique and interesting mix of sounds have already got the English radio talking and we can see why

Taryn Manning - Send Me Your Love (KDrew Remix)

Best drop of all time! This KDrew remix is beyond words, 1:22 is a fresh breath of fresh air for most fans of true dubstep.  Click here for a free music download

Rockwell - Childhood Memories (Ft. Kito and Sam Frank) Metrik Remix!

New drum and bass! Check out this new Metrik remix of the Rockwell track Childhood Memories. The original is sick but the remix is epic! Click here to pre-order the track.

Blu Torrent : Hottest Dubstep Outta Tennessee

The latest artist to be featured on Breaking Bass is none other than Clarksville, Tennessee's own Blu Torrent.  He will be releasing a new album later this year and we're here to give you a SNEAK PEAK at some of the finest dubstep to hit our ears in a while.

Hashtag - Hurt and Pain

Some nice drum and bass to make your Monday a little bit better.
Also Hashtag is a great name for an artist, so there'e that.

There's No Dubstep Without The Drum

Drums and rhythms of any type are the foundation of electronic dance sounds (EDM) - especially when you're talking about dubstep. Taking into account dubstep's roots in drum and bass of the middle of the 90s, it's not strange that dubstep drums feature some of the craziest bone-shaking sound effects in EDM.

DJ Clart - Who Are We (featuring Elijah John)

A dark and sexy feel to this track, DJ Clart really outdone himself with this one. The sample feels dark and omnipresent while the breakbeat keeps your body in step with the weird vibes.

Nas - Surviving The Times (James Dean Remix)

Nice new remix by James Dean of a great Nas track. Love that sample at 1:20 and then even better at 1:53!
Download this beautiful track for FREE at James Dean's soundcloud.

mSdoS - Old Good Feelings

This song is a real treat. This is the best drum and bass track stuffed with funk samples we have heard in a long while. Not only will funky drum and bass soundwaves hit your brain in a way you seldom hear but love, but you will crave more almost instantly. When you do...this awesome song is available for free download here.

Karma - Little Ghetto Boy

We've been featuring a bunch of smooth soulful drum and bass lately and this new track from Karma is no exception. This liquid dnb track has dark overtones with an irresistable bassline.

Radicall - Zero Degrees ( Stunna Remix )

You may be able to find your soul in this song, I know I did. Such a light and airy melody gliding over a crisp hard hitting breakbeat. Listen and lose yourself in this track...

Kenneth Thomas - Drive (Tommy K Remix)

This is one of those drum and bass songs you can't help but like the first time you hear it. The break-beat drums and harmonious vocals make this track an instant favorite.

Flaco and Quantrek - Fallen Leave

Some smooth drum and bass for the liquid lovers out there. That beautiful guitar sample you hear is taken from Nujabe's "Lady Brown".

The Evolution of EDM

EDM superstar Kaskade rocks the crowd.

Trade your glow sticks for some actual knowledge, candy kids.

Though there are candy kids everywhere claiming to be devoted lovers of drum and bass, few know what they are actually talking about.  Electronic Dance Music has just become a phenomenon to the mainstream music loves throughout the United States.  To them a rave entails buying a ticket online, putting on neon and yelling PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect) for the entire world to hear.  This is not the true essence of a musical form that took decades to create.  For the true lovers of electro, the overly sampled mainstream radio hits are truly a disgrace.

Hot Young Girls - Little Lion Man

This is a beautiful piece of chillstep, didn't pay too much attention to Hot Young Girls but will now!
Click here to download the song for free.


What is Electro House Music?

Electro House Music is a subgenre of Electronic Dance music that originated in the 1980's. It is a subgenre of house music influenced by varied genres of music, like 1980's electro music, synthop, tech house, pop and electroclash.

DJ Fresh - The Feeling (Metrik Remix)

This is going to make you want to do some x-treme ceiling climbing, or a 24 hour Mortal Kombat marathon. Lots of action yet still lots of 'feeling' in this one. Sources say this track will not be available for purchase until September 23rd.

Grixis - Memories feat Jess Orestano

Some melodic dubstep for anyone getting over a bad relationship.

Dubstep Scene F.A.Q.s

"Help I just discovered dubstep but now I don't know what to do with myself!!!"

Bass music is steadily growing more popular all the time, That's why so many music fans have an interest in it and there is a high demand for the dubstep music by fans, DJ's and artists looking for related sites online. Dubstep music is becoming popular, but are you having trouble finding great music and related items as somebody new to the dubstep scene?

A History of Dubstep

More from this author at W0bble 5tep (blog)

Dubstep is a relatively new genre of music. It originates from the UK, with Jamaican and British roots. Dubstep music is created with computers and synthesizer equipment, and is characterized by engulfing bass lines, drum rhythms, and vocal clips.

EnrightBetas - Waiting So Long

We like it, but do you think this dubstep sounds too mainstream? That is what a majority of the commentors on the youtube page for this dong has said. Can dubstep even bee 'too' mainstream yet? The genre is completely underground! Or is it?

[Dubstep Artist] DJ Fuck The Cops

There isn't much personal information to find online about DJ Fuck The Cops. It's like you only see likes, comments, and a lot of little "favorited" hearts around all his tracks but apart from his Facebook the man himself is ghost. No matter, because what you do find is a nice mix of dubstep tracks on SoundCloud.

Is Dubstep Real Music And If So Why All The Haters?

Most people would agree on a very loose definition of music involving sounds and silence, the audio representation of emotion or feeling, and maybe that it is something that moves people. There is obviously some grey area in this definition as feelings and emotions can be a matter of opinion. But if every fan of dubstep believes this all to be true, why is there still so much controversy about the validity of dubstep as a musical genre?

Bullwack - Banshee Chicken

You are really going to like this one.

Listen to more music here.

DJ Fuck The Cops - Let Me See Your Sound

Download for free here

Skrillex Has A Few Words For Deadmau5

Earlier this summer DJ Deadmau5 said that when it comes to making music Skrillex "isn't doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he's just playing his shit."

During an interview with The Daily Beast, they told Skrillex all about the nice things Deadmau5 had to say about him.

Skrillex... The Latest Artist To Make A Song With Kanye West

After informing Rolling Stone of his private music production weekend with Kanye in March, Skrillex will be working with Kanye West for West's upcoming "Cruel Summer" EP set to release September 4th.

During an interview with The Daily Best, Skrillex confirmed his role on the track: "I did some music with Kanye and from what I know, it's actually going to be the first song on his new album,".

Is this the start of a beautiful new hip-hop dubstep friendship?

(New Video) Muse Does Dubstep...With Their Guitars

Muse has released another track for their new album "The 2nd Law" which is set to be released October 1st (in the UK, October 2nd in the US). Would you believe the track is inspired by dubstep yet played with traditional instruments? The name of the song is 'Unsustainable' and fans were given a sneak peak of the track last night by getting it for free if they pre-ordered 'The 2nd Law'. Of course, shortly after those fans downloaded the track it was suddenly available everywhere online.

Halo Is Now Riding The Dubstep Train

Dubstep producer Alvin Risk created the dubstep track being exclusively used for the official Halo new weapons trailer. Microsoft also released a second version without the dubstep, that version won't be featured here. Most weapons are similar to the previous fan favorites with the addition of a few fun new toys, like the Sticky Detonator.  Watch the trailer below.

Cry Wolf - You Make Me Like Charity

Download the track for free here.


CIAH - Psycho EP

Richard Farrell, better known as CIAH (A Cat in a Hat) has just released his first official EP 'Psycho' for free download at Soundcloud. The music isn't the regular old dubstep you're used to. Actually after hearing the entire EP we would label it melodic dubstep. And not just any old melodic dubstep, we're talking about the good stuff.

Stephen Walking - Live It Up

Download the song here. Support dubstep artists because they're even more worse off than the other starving artists.

Three Protohype Tracks You Probably Love

Protohype is quickly rising to fame as a big shot dubstep artist. It's no surprise why, five minutes ago he even tweeted he just got 1000 new likes in three days. Since then he may have reached a million, his music is really just that good. If you're going to stay ahead of the bandwagon on this these tracks are essential for any Protohype fan:

Pokemon Dubstep

"I Choose You" By Protohype...because, why not?
A little slow towards the middle, the song is good until the novelty wears off...after that it just sounds like sad souls wailing pokeeemonnnn....

I Choose You by Protohype on Grooveshark

What is Melodic Dubstep and why would I like it?

If you ever found yourself thinking "traditional" dubstep is too harsh, or without a soul, it's probably because you haven't found melodic dubstep. Melodic dubstep is a subgenre of dubstep that sounds exactly how it sounds, don't mind the pun. Rolling melodies, harmonious vocals and hooks ride on a bassline that usually feautures a pattern not as unpredictable as regular old dubstep. Basically this can be like dubstep with training wheels, or just a different flavor of when you're in the mood for something a little less skull-exploding.

Knick Knack - Dead Jester

More dubstep. Interesting beat what do you think? Download it for free here.

Kicks N Licks

Kicks n Licks

They are a mixture of glitch hop, dubstep, and bass music.

California production duo Kicks n Licks is blowing ears off once again with the remix of JJAMZ's HeartBeat... enough to make any hater of the original a convert immediately after the drop. California was released about two weeks ago and is chill but still hard hitting, about 45 seconds in you're bopping without realizing it, it would probably sound ridiculous with a four wheel vehicle wrapped around it. Infusion is just downright orgasmic...I can go on forever, really. Keep reading to taste the sound.

Just listen to the tracks mentioned and more from the duo below:

(Best Breaking Bad Song Ever) Knife Party - Bonfire (Original Mix)

If you're a Breaking Bad fan, and we know you are, then you heard Knife Party's crazy song Bonfire being featured in the episode. No spoilers here though! We're just here to talk about the music.

 Great sample, eargasmic bassline, a general booty-shake-inducer. Dubstep is becoming more and more prevalent in mainstream media, Breaking Bad is just one example of this. From commercials to sitcoms to games it seems everyone is ready for a breath of fresh new computerized air in the music universe.

Knife Party - Centipede (NEW Official Video)

Some hard hitting dubstep for your ears. A pleasently surprising drop to say the least. They call it seizure music for a reason.

(New Korn 3D Video) Should Korn Stick With Their New Dubstep Style?

Remember last year when Korn decided to  go dubstep? Korn and Skrillex, nobody would of guessed that collaboration, but it worked. Their album 'The Path Of Totatality' was released last December and produced almost entirely by dubstep producers, but it wasn't without it's costs. There is a sharp line between fans and haters of the EP, with Korn traditionalist claiming the band betrayed their true fans by making "robot sex music". Those who are fans of dubstep however realize that dubstep is one of the genres that will have a permanent stay in the future of music, and believe Korn should be encouraged and supported for taking notice of our precious music style and adapting to it. We need more artists like this!

Too often the old-heads force the rest of the population to slow down growth and development because of ignorance and prejudice. View the ignorance and wisdom present in the two comments from YouTube below for Korn's "Get Up" 3D music video off their dubstep album.

Support dubstep music and artists to the unique and insanely creative bass drops comin. The new 3D version of Korn's "Get Up" video in question is included below.

Spyhill - Independence

New track by Spyhill featuring a quick drum with beautiful fluid vocals. This is what liquid drum and bass is all about. Download for free here.


Elo Method & Subranger - Make Believe

Beautiful song with a solid bass yet strong ambient overtones. You can download the track for free here.

Electric Zoo 2012

From August 31st to September 2nd the fourth annual Electric Zoo music festival in New York City's Randall's Island Park is going to be one of the biggest in EDM. Food carts, art pieces, and musicians all gather for a celebration of techno, house, dubstep, electro, indie dance, trance and more. The line up is insane. The front stage acts for each of the three days in order is:

Susana - Brave

Really good trance music can be hard to find. Enjoy the official music video for the hit "Brave" by dutch vocalist Susana with producers Ernesto vs Bastion and Wezz Devall

Dimension - Digital World

So finally we have a little Drum and Bass for you. Straight out of the UK of course it's Dimension with the official video for Digital World

Gentlemen Thieves - Cherry

More dubstep. We think you will really like the drops on this one.


Chromeo - Needy Girl (Oscillator Z Remix)

If you're looking for some new interesting dubstep check out this Chromeo track:

Bassnectar Rips Vanilla Ice

Bassnectar sent a punch to the face via Twitter after hearing rapper Vanilla Ice at a Toronto airport.
Ok make that four punches.

(New Underground Mixtape) Julian Benasis - The Beginning

After almost half a million YouTube views, Julian Benasis first mixtape, "The Beginnings" is a mixture of pop and hip-hop wrapped into a sweet little electronic dance club mix music package. Download or listen to the mixtape below.

Spoiler: Track 2 is our favorite...

Can You Guess Which Trance Song Has Over 125 MILLION Plays On YouTube Alone?

"In and Out of Love" by Armin Van Buuren is the one of the highest viewed trance songs on Youtube. It was only released 4 years ago on Dutch radio, but the song is now a household name all over the world.

Why Does Everyone Like Skrillex Now?

Skrillex is the latest energizing force in the modern electronic dance music movement, but many say you can either "love him or hate him". Some say the sounds he produce aren't real music, while some say he is the future of electronic music. Here are the top five reasons why Skrillex is such a controversial superstar:

Bar 9 - Strung Out

A great song, the violins are sampled from the Memoirs Of A Geisha soundtrack.

Deadmau5 Vents On Tumblr

Deadmau5 recently released a statement announcing plans to "unplug for a wee bit" and says he will focus on making ridiculously good music. He also described himself as "pretty miserable right now", and although we would always prefer a happy deadmau5, a little sadness has been known to produce some of the greatest art.

How Did House Music Get It's Name?

"If you were a DJ in Chicago, if you wanted to have 'the' records, there was only one place to go and that was Importes. This is where Importes was. People come in, they're looking for 'Warehouse music', and we would put, you know, 'As heard at the Warehouse' or 'As played at the Warehouse', and then eventually we just shortened that down to - because people also just in the vernacular, they started saying 'yeah, what's up with that 'House music' - now at this time they were talkin' about the old, old classics, the Salsoul, the Philly classics and such - so we put on the labels for the bins, we'd say 'House music'. And people would start comin' in eventually and just start askin', 'yeah, where's the new House music?'" 
-Chip E.   
Pump Up The Volume : A History Of House

Crissy Criss Performs At Your Favorite Fast Food

BBC Radio 1Xtra  DJ and producer Crissy Criss was recently spotted performing a free concert at a local French McDonald's. Would you like a bass drop with that shake?

Dubstep For Dummies

A few basic facts so you don't embarrass yourself at the next dubstep party you attend.

  • Dates back to 1998 and originated in South London, England.
  • Began as a few experimental dub remixes of tracks that combined breakbeat and drum and bass into 2-step.
  • By 2002, once it became more and more distinct from 2step and grime music labels such as Ammunition, Big Apple, and Tempa refered to the genre as "dubstep".
  • Most dubstep is instrumental, and may use samples, and one or more bass drops.
  • The rhythm is usually syncopated, incorportating the use of tuplets. 
  • The tempo is usually between 138-142 bpm (beats per minute) with the third beat in a bar featuring a clap or snare.
  • It is commonly expected for dubstep to contains a reverberating sub-bass, which is When a bass note is extended and rhythmically manipulated. This is also referred to as "wobble bass".

Welcome To BreakingBass

BreakingBass is a website dedicated to the spread of electronic music.

What is electronic music?

Electronic music is produced by electronic means, it can be acoustic music that has been electronically manipulated, or music produced with electronic instruments.

In the past electonic music was produced using a variety of equipment, with the 60s came the synthesizer, an electronic instrument still primarily used today.  During the 60s the sequencer was also released. The sequencer allowed the synthesizer to be programmed with a computer, giving freedom to produce electronic music to anybody with access to a PC.

There is a wide variety of genres that fall under the electronic music category, a few examples are : Dubstep, Trip Hop, Techno, Trance, House, Eurodance, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Industrial, and more.

The world transitioned from mail to e-mail, and from books to e-books. The fast approaching future of music is in e-music, or electronic music.

Among the most diverse and complex forms of music, this kind of music differs from music produced with traditional instruments because of the wide range of sounds producable from a single machine. One computer can play any the sound of almost any instrument in existence. The possibilities are endless and the world is still experimenting with the combination of sounds available at our fingertips.

Spread the love of electronically produced music.

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