8 Influential Electronic Musicians

Listed in no particular order because ranking these legends would just be wrong.

Aphex Twin

One of the most popular electronic musicians of today, his music is considered extremely inventive and eclectic. His music was described by Rolling Stone in 1992 as "lush soundscapes with oceanic beats and bass lines."

The Prodigy

Pioneers of the big beat genre, this Essex, England electronic dance music group They are known for making a variety of styles from hardcore to breakbeat. Achievements include converting many electro music haters and selling over 16 million records worldwide.


He is the most popular trance artist in the world. This dutch producer and musician has been ranked #1 three consecutive years in the DJ magazine "Top 100 Popularity Poll" (2002-2004).

Daft Punk

The french pair of musicians responsible for really bringing house music to the fore front of mainstream radio. Humans dressed as robots, performing electronic music...feels so right.

Brian Eno

Previously a member of the band Roxy Music, producer and musician Eno broke away to produce some of the best Ambience music of all time.

Afrika Bambaataa

A Bronx NY DJ considered by many to be the creator of "techno funk" and considered by all to be the grandfather of hip hop.

Depeche Mode

A band created in Essex known for their signature synthpop electronic dance music style. With over 100 million albums sold they one of the most successful UK bands of all time and the biggest selling electronic band ever.


This German group was the first to use only electronic instrumentation in their music production. Sampled by damn near everyone.
Sounds like lots of repetitive rhythms with a catchy hook.

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