(New Underground Mixtape) Julian Benasis - The Beginning

After almost half a million YouTube views, Julian Benasis first mixtape, "The Beginnings" is a mixture of pop and hip-hop wrapped into a sweet little electronic dance club mix music package. Download or listen to the mixtape below.

Spoiler: Track 2 is our favorite...

Track list included below because it is not incuded on the original site.

1) The Cataracs-Bass Down Low(Julian Benasis Remix) 
2) Soulja Boy-Pretty Boy Swag(Julian Benasis Remix) 
3) Roscoe Dash-Sexy Girl Anthem(Julian Benasis Remix) 
4) Roscoe Dash-Show Out(Julian Benasis Remix) 
5) Wacka Flocka Feat Roscoe Dash-No Hands(Julian Benasis Remix) 
6) Dev-Booty Bounce(Julian Benasis Remix) 
7) Katy Perry-Teenage Dream(Julian Benasis Remix) 
8) Black Eyed Peas-Dirty Bit(Julian Benasis Remix) 
9) Swedish House Mafia-Leave The World Behind(Julian Benasis Remix) 
10)Diplomats - Make You Pop (Julian Benasis Remix)

Download Mixtape

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