CIAH - Psycho EP

Richard Farrell, better known as CIAH (A Cat in a Hat) has just released his first official EP 'Psycho' for free download at Soundcloud. The music isn't the regular old dubstep you're used to. Actually after hearing the entire EP we would label it melodic dubstep. And not just any old melodic dubstep, we're talking about the good stuff.

Of the four tracks featured, which were all produced during the last month or so according to CIAH's tumblr page, 'Rattlesnake' and 'Space Jockey' would have to be our two favorites.

"Rattlesnake" has almost an ambient vibe at first, nice intro synths in front of an almost progressive house build up, then the drop that just carrys you all the way home.

"Space Jockey" starts out with a long flowy string sample intro. The song features low slow wobbles with the perfect use of chord progression build up. That string sample though, just thoroughly ear pleasing.

Download the whole album for free here, or just listen below.


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