[Dubstep Artist] DJ Fuck The Cops

There isn't much personal information to find online about DJ Fuck The Cops. It's like you only see likes, comments, and a lot of little "favorited" hearts around all his tracks but apart from his Facebook the man himself is ghost. No matter, because what you do find is a nice mix of dubstep tracks on SoundCloud.

Have you ever listened to Let Me See Your Sound ? No? I'll wait, because after you do you're going to be a lot more interested in who this mysterious guy is too. If you like your dubstep to feel like 500 pounds of lead being poured all over you then you just may find yourself falling in love with the heavy filthy bassline in Hoez. A bunch of his songs are available for free download here:

DJ Fuck The Cops >> Soundcloud

 If you want to see him live he will be in New York City on September 2nd for the fourth annual Electric Zoo music festival. We're gonna keep our eyes on this one.

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