Dubstep For Dummies

A few basic facts so you don't embarrass yourself at the next dubstep party you attend.

  • Dates back to 1998 and originated in South London, England.
  • Began as a few experimental dub remixes of tracks that combined breakbeat and drum and bass into 2-step.
  • By 2002, once it became more and more distinct from 2step and grime music labels such as Ammunition, Big Apple, and Tempa refered to the genre as "dubstep".
  • Most dubstep is instrumental, and may use samples, and one or more bass drops.
  • The rhythm is usually syncopated, incorportating the use of tuplets. 
  • The tempo is usually between 138-142 bpm (beats per minute) with the third beat in a bar featuring a clap or snare.
  • It is commonly expected for dubstep to contains a reverberating sub-bass, which is When a bass note is extended and rhythmically manipulated. This is also referred to as "wobble bass".

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