Dubstep Scene F.A.Q.s

"Help I just discovered dubstep but now I don't know what to do with myself!!!"

Bass music is steadily growing more popular all the time, That's why so many music fans have an interest in it and there is a high demand for the dubstep music by fans, DJ's and artists looking for related sites online. Dubstep music is becoming popular, but are you having trouble finding great music and related items as somebody new to the dubstep scene?

  Some people have been involved in electronic music for a long time, others are just getting into the underground dub step music scene. Either way, Dub inspired electronic music has become known worldwide and has many listeners that support the movement. Most people that look to download dubstep mixes are happy to find a few sites that have good music.

  Two good places to begin with is dubstep news and music site like BreakingBass.com or a site similar to this one, if you are a dubstep producer there are some sites that offer samples, but finding good material may prove to be a challenge.

What are some of the common items that D.J.s and people wear in the dubstep music scene?

  Along with t-shirts, Items such as hoodies, stickers and hats are big sellers in the dubstep music scene. Ask any true fan, D.J. or Producer of dubstep and it is likely that they have a couple articles of clothing, Posters or other items such as mouse pads with designs or logos related to the Dub scene. Some of the common elements that repeat themselves in Dubstep related design are Woofers, Sound systems, Headphones, Dub plates and words or phrases such as "BIG UP", "BRAPPP" and "WOBBLE" as well as parody taken from corporate logos, reggae and dub music. A very popular design has been the RUN DMC Dubstep logo. This design and many more can be purchased all over the internet. .

  Are there any items like T-shirts, Hoodies or Hats that I can find to represent as a fan of Dubstep music?

   Most fans of bass music are pleased to see a friend or even a stranger for that matter wearing a cool Dubstep t-shirt or hoodie that relates to the bass culture or rave scene. Some artwork is based on humor while others may be more serious, even considered extreme. These logos or designs are meant to let people know that you are a extremely dedicated music fan and that you are very serious your music and have pride in the underground rave scene. These unique designs can be hard to find, some can be found at sites like Zazzle.com.

A lot of the times local stores just don't carry hard to find clothing or original items related to the genre. Online sites may offer more options than can be found in your local music stores, Especially when it comes to gear that relates to fans of hard to find dubstep and vinyl. The internet may just be your best bet when it comes to dubstep attire.

   On the other hand, with funny designs there are many ways including parody to show someone that you are into the music. This maybe subtle or over the top but either way allows you to relate with other fans of dubstep music. I know that every time I spot somebody in a club or on the street wearing a cool t-shirt that supports the electronic dub music scene I give them a nod and a compliment. It feels good to see people that relate to your scene, especially when they have a funny, smart or interesting design.

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