Kicks N Licks

Kicks n Licks

They are a mixture of glitch hop, dubstep, and bass music.

California production duo Kicks n Licks is blowing ears off once again with the remix of JJAMZ's HeartBeat... enough to make any hater of the original a convert immediately after the drop. California was released about two weeks ago and is chill but still hard hitting, about 45 seconds in you're bopping without realizing it, it would probably sound ridiculous with a four wheel vehicle wrapped around it. Infusion is just downright orgasmic...I can go on forever, really. Keep reading to taste the sound.

Just listen to the tracks mentioned and more from the duo below:


  1. Anonymous8.8.12

    Wow this is good shit

  2. Anonymous8.8.12

    twitter brought me here lol

  3. Wompp8.8.12

    I'm from cali and that cali shit is fire

  4. kidmonster8.8.12

    da latest stuff is best by farr


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