Our New Fave UK Producer : SnuFF

Straight out of the UK today we bring you some high quality bass music from an up and coming producer by the name of SnuFF. His unique and interesting mix of sounds have already got the English radio talking and we can see why

“...with influences from varied producers of the likes of Skream and Datsik, SnuFFs music is like taking a bullet to the chest and a violin to the ear, as his fluent and atmospheric intros bursts into life as the main beat kicks in and deep basslines and thundering mids make your foot start tapping and your head start bopping... SnuFF could be on your radar and into your ipods very soon!” – BBC Radio York Introducing

SnuFF has worked with countless producers and DJs including: Borgore, 16bit, emalkay, Tek-one, northen lights, cookie monsta, rektchords, ctrl-z, benny page & zero g, Utah Saints, and Jehst to name a few.

So now that you're properly acquainted, let's talk music.

Morning, an eclectic mix of various genres and the perfect way to start your day right. You know that special playlist you have to turn on when you're getting on your swag on? Well this is it. Upbeat house overtones with some electro and dubstep undertones this track is definitely guaranteed to make your shoulders bop.

SnuFF's remix to Datsik's Fully Blown is love at first listen. The intro already has you hooked with a super cool sample and the build up is perfect. What better way to pay tribute to an already awesome track. This is all before you hit 1:09 though, which is when your mind gets fully blown.

So you're in love with the tracks like we are and want to see the man yourself?

SnuFF has been featured at a bunch of UK events like : Hit&run (manchester), Herbal Mafia (York), Cultureshock 2010/11/12, Eclectronica (York), Grimey ( Harrogate), DropShotSounds (York), SDDB Music (Northallerton), Breathless (York) so stay tuned because he may be coming to a town near you!

It's fitting to let such an awesome producer have the last say, so here is the words straight outta SnuFF's mouth:

I am a Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and house Producer and FULL Vinyl DJ from yorkshire, UK, who goes by the name SnuFF. 
Currently signed to up and coming Yorkshire based label Whatstep Records.
I'm really just out to make music that will make you wanna move and never stop!!
Kev ( SnuFF )

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  1. Anonymous28.8.12

    ='D This is great!!!!

  2. Anonymous28.8.12

    lovin the samples in the second track

  3. need more like dis

  4. Anonymous29.8.12

    Amazing! get more of him!!

  5. Anonymous29.8.12

    good stuff

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