(New Korn 3D Video) Should Korn Stick With Their New Dubstep Style?

Remember last year when Korn decided to  go dubstep? Korn and Skrillex, nobody would of guessed that collaboration, but it worked. Their album 'The Path Of Totatality' was released last December and produced almost entirely by dubstep producers, but it wasn't without it's costs. There is a sharp line between fans and haters of the EP, with Korn traditionalist claiming the band betrayed their true fans by making "robot sex music". Those who are fans of dubstep however realize that dubstep is one of the genres that will have a permanent stay in the future of music, and believe Korn should be encouraged and supported for taking notice of our precious music style and adapting to it. We need more artists like this!

Too often the old-heads force the rest of the population to slow down growth and development because of ignorance and prejudice. View the ignorance and wisdom present in the two comments from YouTube below for Korn's "Get Up" 3D music video off their dubstep album.

Support dubstep music and artists to the unique and insanely creative bass drops comin. The new 3D version of Korn's "Get Up" video in question is included below.

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