Skrillex Has A Few Words For Deadmau5

Earlier this summer DJ Deadmau5 said that when it comes to making music Skrillex "isn't doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he's just playing his shit."

During an interview with The Daily Beast, they told Skrillex all about the nice things Deadmau5 had to say about him.

When the remarks were brought to Skrillex attention, he responded with, "Listen, I'm proud of what I do and this is not directed towards Deadmau5 personally, but if you're going to denounce something you're a part of . . . the thing about DJing is it's a platform to create a vibe," he then continued on to say...

"It's all about creating an effect. The Ramones played fuckin' four chords. It's about the emotion, the movement, the music you create. The 'pushing buttons' criticism is just missing the point. You could invalidate anything if you wanted to,"

No word on a reply from Deadmau5, but it looks as if Skrillex is not one to fuel a beef.


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