There's No Dubstep Without The Drum

Drums and rhythms of any type are the foundation of electronic dance sounds (EDM) - especially when you're talking about dubstep. Taking into account dubstep's roots in drum and bass of the middle of the 90s, it's not strange that dubstep drums feature some of the craziest bone-shaking sound effects in EDM.

The near all-pervasive 140bpm speed utilized in dubstep drums fit a lot of drum set sound effects offered on the market place: from rock n roll to latin to glitch - pretty much any drum kit pairing can be used.

American Dubstep - sometimes referenced pejoratively as "brostep" - has a more more violent pulse style than others in the genre. Its not really strange to hear syncopated, poly-rhythmic sequences played between hi-hats, snare, bass drum and clap in dubstep drum sounds.

Chillstep - this kind of dubstep usually has a slower tempo. It is much more melodic and mellow.

Listed below are a few simple tips to creating a solid dubstep drum pattern:

Start With High Hats - Leave these hitting in the background. Insert them in groups of twos and threes etc.. keeping little breaks, then take them out of the rhythm occasionally or even at random, then put them back in.

Add a few snare strikes with your main snare sound clip, utilizing one or two other snare samples to generate patterns or fill up holes.

Kick - Hit it on the downbeat of every bar to start, next on the third beat as the track progresses.

A combination of predictability and volatility in your dubstep drum structure is the best path to really good dubstep. Switch it up!

There tends to be a ton of different ways to drum patterns in dubstep. Don't just mimic your favorite music artists' techniques. Be innovative, and get continuous suggestions from friends (if you are only starting out) or your fans (if you're recognised by now in a different style and just attempting your hand now at dubstep).

Other ways to mess with your track:
  • Make the track quicker or slower than the common 140bpm.
  • Begin your song with an earth-shattering drop... don't always wait until the 1 minute mark.
  • Try incorporating traditional instruments if you have any experience with any. (This is a controversial tip among dubstep heads)

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