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BreakingBass is a website dedicated to the spread of electronic music.

What is electronic music?

Electronic music is produced by electronic means, it can be acoustic music that has been electronically manipulated, or music produced with electronic instruments.

In the past electonic music was produced using a variety of equipment, with the 60s came the synthesizer, an electronic instrument still primarily used today.  During the 60s the sequencer was also released. The sequencer allowed the synthesizer to be programmed with a computer, giving freedom to produce electronic music to anybody with access to a PC.

There is a wide variety of genres that fall under the electronic music category, a few examples are : Dubstep, Trip Hop, Techno, Trance, House, Eurodance, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Industrial, and more.

The world transitioned from mail to e-mail, and from books to e-books. The fast approaching future of music is in e-music, or electronic music.

Among the most diverse and complex forms of music, this kind of music differs from music produced with traditional instruments because of the wide range of sounds producable from a single machine. One computer can play any the sound of almost any instrument in existence. The possibilities are endless and the world is still experimenting with the combination of sounds available at our fingertips.

Spread the love of electronically produced music.

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