Dubstep Merchandise Even You Can Afford !

Whether you're looking for something to wear to your next rave, or you're heading to a dubstep club and hate embarrassing yourself, we got you covered. Here are five dubstep related items you simply cannot do without!

1. The Classic Dubstep Shirt

This one is a classic because it's the first shirt officially dubbed 'the dubstep t-shirt'. Wearing this will get you high fives with strangers wearing big cool headphones.

2. Filthy Gasmask Dubstep Shirt

Caution: Only wear this t-shirt if you like your dubstep hazardously dirty.

3. Love Dubstep T - Shirt

Because you do right?

4. Bumper Sticker

Not only will this cover that rusty spot on the back on your car, but you'll make a statement by doing so.

5. Skateboard

If you're lucky enough to have stepped on a skateboard before discovering video games you're one of the few cool kids left.


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