SnuFF - Lacerations

What an awesome house moombahcore track. SnuFF recently produced another house track on Bucknasty Records, it's called 'Lacerations', and your eardrums will be able to relate to that title. Perfect buildup, layer after layer carefully added every 15 seconds. A minute in and you're a permanent fan of that beat. There's a pleasant surprise at 3:00 but we won't give away everything, you have to listen yourself to experience the full awesomeness that is this track. We can tell one of you dubsteppers are gonna want to pick this up and spin it into an even crazier mix.

A comment from one of SnuFF's fans:
 "this track would be even more epic with some kind of lyric or maybe mashed up with another track, all and all damn good track :)" ...

and we agree! Listen to SnuFF's latest classic below, download it for free, tell us what you think, and check out more about SnuFF and his music here.


  1. Anonymous5.9.12


  2. john5.9.12

    the initial review of the track was surprisingly accurate lol

  3. Anonymous6.9.12

    I like it


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