Hunter - Turn Off Your Radio, Turn On Fresh Undiscovered Music

You probably never heard of Hunter. Before today, neither did we, 2 tracks later we can't stop listening to the guy. Let us enlighten you.

Hunter is one of those underground indie artists a hipster would want to horde for themselves while still possible, because when enough ears listen to his catchy hooks, cool indie vocals, and funky electro sound, it will be impossible to keep a lid on this. Complete review, as well as a few preview tracks from the album, below :

"Crutches" is the name of the latest project from the American singer, producer, songwriter, and composer and its a bit unusual, but so is Hunter.

"Brian Wilson meets Flaming Lips meets Daft Punk meets the Bee Gees meets Caribou." a close friend of Scott Hunter tells BreakingBass when describing the artist. Not quite sure about that one, but that's probably a good thing for Mr.Hunter, he has his own unique sound, a rare find these days.

Hunter, aka Scott Hunt, may still be low-key for now but he definitely isn't new to the music scene with almost 20 years worth of mostly amazing music spanning over various genres. "Crutches" is fantastic, with two tracks available for free listen on Soundcloud, its only flaw is leaving listeners wanting for more.

Even if you do not enjoy the "Crutches" album you will not regret taking a look at Hunter's YouTube channel, especially if the tracks featured below aren't your style. His music is so diverse, it was hard to believe some of the different albums were from the same person. What they had in common however, was the talented vocalist and instrumentalist(s). In fact, some of  us here at BreakingBass actually prefer some of the older, almost classic rock sounds from tracks like "She's A Cornucopia" on his album Dark Ocean Colors (a collaboration between Hunter and Mark Mikel).

Here's a rundown of how we felt about just one of the tracks, 'Fair Game' from the album "Crutches".

Fair Game

An upbeat, funky bass line grabs your attention.

The beat suddenly shifts to the sort of feel good synth-y chorus one might play while riding in a car with a group of friends.

The drums do an awesome job of complementing the catchy vocals with it's refreshing organic sound. It's clear someone is quite the drummer.

Until suddenly, the room fills with a perfectly balanced, harmonious melody :

"It's a fair game/and the rules don't apply"

[Warning : Groovy guitar sounds will be stuck in your head for an undetermined amount of time.]

Definitely the sort of track that starts with a few intermittent shoulder waves to the beat, progressing to deeper head bobbing, and ending with a full blown indie dance party for one.

Listen to the tracks for yourself below, if you're feeling the tracks as much as we are, the full new album is on sale on Itunes and it is worth every penny :

 Buy Hunter's "Crutches" On Itunes

Hunter is a real musician making real music, let's support that :


  1. Anonymous6.2.14


  2. Anonymous6.2.14

    Long time fan, he's underrated as hell

  3. Anonymous8.2.14

    Scott is really brilliant. One of the best songwriters around. That he is able to dive into a genre and do it so well is proof.

  4. Anonymous8.2.14

    So happy to see him getting positive feedback so talented more than the dubsteppers

  5. Anonymous9.2.14

    Scotty my boy. So humble too. All about the music. Master craftsman.

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