Datsik Digs Deeper Into His Dubstep For Fox News

Listening to Datsik's journey from dance to dubstep/hip-hop/trap has touched the ears and hearts of many EDM fans, it seems Fox Morning News has shown a little love to one of our favorite artists as well. Datsik just did an interview about the explosion of the electronic dance music genre with Fox, an awesome short entertaining segment on Datsik's EDM world, including a discussion on how Electronic Music has according to Datsik "infiltrated the mainstream", becoming "one of the biggest industries to explode over the last 1-2 years."

Endaf & Diverse - You (Super Chilled Progressive House Meets Futuristic RnB)

Electronic music with soul? Yes please!

Welsh artist Endaf is known on Soundcloud for his unique take on electronic music, blending elements of RnB and more traditional EDM genres like house and garage.

His just released collaboration track with Diverse, 'You' is like taking a nice, relaxing stroll through a gradually layered wonderland of sound.

The vocal sample is gently layered with a super chilled out progressive house beat. An addicting syncopated bass makes the track one that gets better with each listen. If you're in the mood for something a bit more upbeat, may we suggest Endaf's catchy track "On My Mind", a deep house track proof of his varied style, one of our favorites tracks were "Falling", in case you want to hear good garage, dubstep sounds.

Hunter - Turn Off Your Radio, Turn On Fresh Undiscovered Music

You probably never heard of Hunter. Before today, neither did we, 2 tracks later we can't stop listening to the guy. Let us enlighten you.

Hunter is one of those underground indie artists a hipster would want to horde for themselves while still possible, because when enough ears listen to his catchy hooks, cool indie vocals, and funky electro sound, it will be impossible to keep a lid on this. Complete review, as well as a few preview tracks from the album, below :

Bassnectar Releases New Track For Resident Evil

Bassnectar and Chino Moreno (of the Deftones) just released a new track named 'Hexes' that will be featured in the Resident Evil: Retribution movie. Bassnectar says fans with a taste for darker music will really enjoy this one, and went into some detail about the track's creation process:

"I was thrilled to be a part of scoring this, and wanted to make a beat that dropped like a wall of bricks to knock people back in their seats at the movie’s sudden and dramatic end. Chino put together the lyrics in a poem that felt like a slow motion dream, and somehow the two sensations works in tandem: falling backwards in a dream while getting blown back by a wobbling wall of sound." - Bassnectar

Click here to be taken to the "Hexes" Bassnectar track.

Dubstep Merchandise Even You Can Afford !

Whether you're looking for something to wear to your next rave, or you're heading to a dubstep club and hate embarrassing yourself, we got you covered. Here are five dubstep related items you simply cannot do without!

Sunsido - Reverie

This one from Sunsido falls under  melodic progressive and house, perfect mix for a chill track to go with your morning coffee.

This track is available for FREE download here.

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