Blu Torrent : Hottest Dubstep Outta Tennessee

The latest artist to be featured on Breaking Bass is none other than Clarksville, Tennessee's own Blu Torrent.  He will be releasing a new album later this year and we're here to give you a SNEAK PEAK at some of the finest dubstep to hit our ears in a while.

We have for you here a sampling of the awesome dubstep Blu Torrent will be releasing later this year.

'Sephira' will remind you of the reason you first came to dubstep. The unpredictability, the creative use of different sounds to create a variety of audible... 'textures' if you will.

If you like it low 'Amisa' hits hard with a killer bassline and even the melody is super deep. By this time you're realizing Blu Torrent is not your average dubstep producer.

And our personal favorite here at Breaking Bass, 'Rath' just hits you so hard from the start that you know you're going to get a punch to the eardrums soon. Your head will be banging hard from about 1:12 on.

Again, this is just an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of a few unmastered songs off of Blu Torrent's upcoming EP, stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anonymous21.8.12

    That Amisa track is dopeee

  2. Anonymous21.8.12

    When is the name and release date of the album?

  3. The album name is Demiurge it's set to release this year within the next couple months

  4. Anonymous26.8.12

    sephira has a weird rhythm not like the other dubstep you hear <3

  5. :D thanks i try to go for an original sound add me at to be friends and for further updates :)

  6. BluTorrent I love you!!!! <333


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